Trade & Technical Schools



 Trade and technical institutions offer an alternative learning experience from college for higher education and skill building. These schools offer hands on training programs that puts students into a dynamic learning environment where they receive in-depth training in the career of their choice.

Some advantages of trade and technical schools include a lower cost for education when compared to traditional four year schools, and the time it takes to complete the course of study is often dramatically reduced.

Albuquerque is home to many of these schools that cater to the working adult with night and weekend classes.


Successful Study Habits

 Establishing good study habits dramatically increases educational productivity. If you have been out of school for a few years, or if you struggle with studying, then you might find the following refresher on proper techniques and study tips useful.

 A Place and Time

A consistent time and place set aside for study is optimal. If you have a home office or desk, use it. If you lack a designated study area, create one. Use the kitchen table or a counter. The trick is to use the same spot at the same time each day for school related purposes.

Detour Distractions 

Studying should begin when you sit down. Turn off your text alerts on your phone and exit out of messaging services on your computer. This is time for your personal growth, not time to find out who is posting what on Facebook. Get rid of all the possible distractions you can before you start to study. Another good idea is to have all of your study materials in one place so you do not constantly have to look for them.

 Perfection Starts with Planning

When you start your study session, be very clear with yourself on what you want to accomplish. Also be realistic. Keep things organized in a “study log book” and hold yourself accountable for the material you need to learn.

 Small Steps Toward Success

Large assignments need to be done in stages, not crammed into one session. If you have an upcoming paper due in class, break it up into smaller jobs. Developing a thesis, doing research, making an outline, and writing a rough draft can all be completed during different sessions.

 Better Breaks Does Not Mean Longer Ones

When you find yourself starting to daydream, or that you have read the same paragraph several times in a row, then a break is in order. Get up and stretch, use the restroom, just step away from what you are doing for a few minutes. But only stay away for a few minutes and when your head clears get back to work. Set a time limit on how long your break is going to be and stick to it. Do not get involved in any other task other than relaxing.

 Body Basics

Make sure that you get enough healthy sleep and eat enough healthy food. This of course applies to all aspects of your life, but it is also very important when it comes to mental activities such as studying. Exercising is another benefit that doesn’t need to be overlooked.


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