Kirtland AFB Housing & Lodging

The Kirtland Inn operates two facilities on base. One is located on the west side with its front office located in Building 918 and the other is on the east side at Building 22016. Rooms available include Visiting Airmen Quarters, Business Suites, Visiting Officer Quarters and Temporary Living Facilities. For more information call (505) 846-9652 or DSN 246-9652.

Military members that receive BAH are required to contact the Kirtland Housing Management and Referral Office (HMRO) before signing any rental, lease, or home purchasing agreement. This includes if you are planning to live on- or off-base. The HMRO is located in Room 119 of Building 20245 and can be contacted by calling (505) 846-8217 or DSN 246-8217.

Personnel grades E-1 to E-4 rotating in unaccompanied will need to contact the dormitory manager to receive a room. The manager’s office is located at 8201 F Avenue on the first floor of the building. For more information call (505) 853-5479 or DSN 263-5479.

More information regarding base housing at Kirtland AFB can be found by visiting and following the Kirtland Housing and Referral Office link.

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