Weather In The Metro

The weather in the Albuquerque Metro Area is varied, with winters producing occasional snow in the city and a little more in the East Mountains. Summers are a true Southwestern feel with a dry but bearable heat. Precipitation falls throughout the year and summer storms are possible. High gusty winds are common during the spring and may occur during other months as well.  The coldest month in Albuquerque is generally January and the hottest month tends to be July.

Average temperatures for the area are:





Jan 23.8°F 47.6°F
Feb 28.2°F 54.6°F
Mar 33.7°F 62.4°F
Apr 40.5°F 70.6°F
May 49.7°F 79.7°F
Jun 59.4°F 90.2°F
Jul 64.7°F 92.3°F
Aug 63.2°F 89.0°F
Sept 56.0°F 82.2°F
Oct 43.8°F 70.7°F
Nov 31.6°F 57.1°F
Dec 24.2°F 47.9°F


Precipitation falls year around in the Albuquerque area. February tends to be the driest month and August generally has the most rainfall.

Average precipitation for the area is:


Month Precipitation
Jan 0.49in.
Feb 0.44in.
Mar 0.61in.
Apr 0.50in.
May 0.60in.
Jun 0.65in.
Jul 1.27in.
Aug 1.73in.
Sept 1.07in.
Oct 1.00in.
Nov 0.62in.
Dec 0.49in.


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