My ABQ Guide

The SECOND Annual Issue of “My ABQ Guide” is now in distribution. For the ULTIMATE Newcomers/Relocation Guide, look no further. This publication is free to anyone who wants to get a copy – or for the HR Departments of large companies wishing to include it in their “New Hire” packets, we can provide you with as many copies as you need (as our quantities last).

Already being distributed through companies such as PNM, New Mexico Gas, Sandia National Laboratories, Lowes, Kirtland AFB, and many more, plus the Chambers of Commerce; the value of “My ABQ Guide” is paramount for your new employees.

And as valuable as this publication is to Newcomers, we find that “Locals” are finding just as much value for themselves. Things they either didn’t know about, or have neglected doing over the years.

Get your copy and see what all the excitement is about.


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