Albuquerque is a fantastic city for employment. A relatively low rate of unemployment and growing business needs leads to a stable working environment for residents of the metro area and surrounding communities.

This trend is due to new businesses moving to the area and from established companies increasing the number of their employees. Business growth has occurred in spurts in several industries since early 2011 and the local workforce has risen to meet the new demands for their skills and abilities.

The film industry also has had a huge impact on the region by creating opportunities for local vendors and manufacturers to cater to production needs. Construction of sets, providing transportation and food services are only a few examples of work needed by this industry during the course of a production.


Albuquerque is host to most of the largest employers in the state. Foremost among these is Kirtland Air Force Base which has more than 17,000 civilian employees. With more than 15,000 in its workforce, the University of New Mexico is not far behind while the Albuquerque Public Schools system comes in third with over 11,000.

Sandia National Laboratories, a major technology developer that supports our national security, employs roughly 7,500 in its facility. The City of Albuquerque also provides its citizens with more than 6,700 jobs as city employees. Presbyterian Hospital sustains a workforce of more than 5,700, which is only slightly larger than the 5,400 employees of the Lovelace Sandia Health System.

The State of New Mexico provides more than 5,600 jobs and Intel Corporation makes its home in Albuquerque, supplying more than 5,000 jobs to area residents.





It is estimated that between two and four million job placements occur each year thanks to employment agencies and the services they offer. It is important for job seekers to understand that only a small amount of jobs available are actually listed in the newspaper or online, most are in the hands of agencies.

A lot of companies are following the trend to use employment agencies to staff their work force. This cuts down on a lot of hassle on the part of the company seeking new hires as the contracted agency has already screened potential employees and then refers only the most qualified candidates.

These companies also offer services to help clients work on all aspects of job hunting, including proper interview techniques such as appearance and conduct for a specific industry and resume building.

A good agency will conduct an interview with applicants and critique them on their strengths and weaknesses in the job market. The agency will also use this information to search for employment based on the abilities and needs of their clients.

If you plan on relocating to a new area, an employment agency in your current town can be a very good source for finding a job in the city you are moving to. A lot of reputable employment agencies will exchange information with each other to help their clients during moves, which might allow for job placement upon arrival.

Temporary agencies are another avenue to try when seeking employment. These companies maintain a pool of workers that they pair with businesses that need short time vacancies filled. Even though the work may be temporary at first, some companies offer full time positions to those who show proficiency in what they are required to do.

The New Mexico Department of Workforce Solutions is dedicated to helping residents find employment as well as promoting the competitiveness of businesses and industry operating in the state. This department offers many services for those seeking employment including job training and career counseling. They also offer information on training resources, job hunting publications, and youth career services. For more information, visit www.dws.state.nm.us.


New Mexico is a fantastic place for business opportunities and Albuquerque is the perfect location for starting a new business, moving or expanding an existing business.

There are several incentives offered by the state in order to encourage businesses to relocate to the area and for current companies to expand. These take the form of tax credits, bonds and other funding sources being available for those that qualify.

Albuquerque Economic Development Inc. (AED) works with the City of Albuquerque Economic Development Department (EDD) to bring more businesses and industry to Albuquerque. This entity is a private, nonprofit organization, which offers information to companies considering operations in the Albuquerque metro area.

AED and EDD work hard to promote business development and stimulate job growth. These organizations are constantly seeking out new businesses while trying to maintain a diversified market for goods and services that is stable.  More information regarding the AED can be found at www.abq.org and information regarding the EDD can be found at www.cabq.gov/econdev.

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