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Planning your day is easy to do when you live in a city that has access to some of the best services in the country. Albuquerque has a strong infrastructure that is constantly expanding to offer its citizens more and more conveniences of a modern city.

Even though life in the city may seem fast paced, the community respects strong family values and you can see this reflected in the many parks, private schools, charitable organizations and churches that call the city home.



With Albuquerque being the thriving city that it is, it is no wonder so many new businesses are calling the city home and why more and more companies are relocating to the area.

The incentives put in place by the state and city makes this the perfect region for businesses to grow and expand. The local workforce is reliable and with stable economy further adds to the appeal of this location.

A wide range of local and national manufacturers and retailers ensures that you will be able to find the product that you are looking for, and with the mix of professionals living and working in the city you will also have no trouble finding any services you need.


Business Resource Guide

For more comprehensive information on business in the Albuquerque Metro, pick up a copy of the Business Resource Guide. This book is free to the public and includes information on state, county and local government, as well as information on business organizations and networking groups. It also contains listings from more than 1000 local businesses, including restaurants, meeting venues and hotels. For more information about the Business Resource Guide visit www.myabqguide.com.



 Being prepared for the future is one of the most important things we can do, and having the right insurance should be a key component in your planning. No one likes to think about accidents or other life altering events, but knowing that you are covered in case disaster strikes certainly helps ease most worries.

Insurance policies take many forms and it is recommended that you consult with an expert to figure out what your specific needs are. Albuquerque has many insurance firms and agents that operate in the city that would be happy to answer all of your questions.

New Mexico requires that drivers maintain at least auto liability insurance. It is also important to understand that New Mexico is a traditional tort state. This means that if an accident occurs then the insurance company for the operator of the other vehicle covers your losses or you have to file a lawsuit to recover disputed damages for injuries and property. For complete information on what kind of auto insurance is right for you, please talk to a local insurance agent.



 Even with the internet being such a prominent part of our daily lives, many people still get most of their news from local media sources. Television and radio stations, as well as newspapers, not only keep us entertained but also inform us about current events and functions in our region.

Local media is always a good resource to check out first when you are looking for events that interest you. Local and national companies constantly advertise and a good start to finding a special sales event is to pay attention to television and radio stations and to pick up a newspaper.



 Albuquerque is a friendly and hospitable city with a very generous nature. Charity groups and nonprofit organizations have a strong sponsoring in the area and spread this generosity to those that are in need. Many shelters and churches accept donations of all kinds and several nonprofit groups operate in the city targeting specific needs of the community.

There are always opportunities available to be involved in charity work and groups usually hold membership drives or advertise their needs in local media or on their websites. National organizations are a good place to start looking if you want donate time or other resources to a charity or nonprofit.

These organizations have comprehensive data on the areas they serve and can determine not only where current needs are, but many times can predict future concerns and plan accordingly.

The need for volunteers grows exponentially during natural and man made disasters as well as during inclement weather, if you are able to help out in anyway during these times of crisis you are encouraged to do so.


 Home to many churches, synagogues and other places of worship, religion has been one of the solid foundations of Albuquerque since the city’s founding. Those who are looking for a new church should not have too much trouble finding one that meets their needs and lifestyle.

Just about every religion and denomination imaginable can be found practiced in the metro area, and religious organizations hold special events and gatherings throughout the year. These events help to bring members closer together while also raising community awareness of the organization itself.

Many families feel unsure about where or how to find another church. You might have created close friendships with former church members and leaving often creates mixed feelings of anxiety and a sense of loss. For some families, a common concern is it will be difficult to find a church that is as comfortable as the one that they are leaving behind.


Becoming a member of a church is a very personal decision and should not be rushed into lightly. When you start your search keep the following in mind:

  • It’s not always best to select a church based on a few details, like size of membership, or proximity to your home. Sometimes you can find that the closest church, or the church that has the most members, just isn’t the church that you were hoping to find.
  • It’s a good idea to attend services at several different churches, before you finally settle on one. Getting a preview of how each different service is run, and having the opportunity to meet members will help you make a decision.
  • Make a list of all the things that you want to find in a church. Friendly people, shared faith, programs for children, women’s Bible studies etc…

Ask questions. Find out what’s going on in the churches you attend. Are there special programs or services that you think you would enjoy? Is the congregation excited, motivated, and spiritually alive? Are there members of the church with similar interests and hobbies? Are there other families with children? Does the church have a youth group?

Evangelical Protestant: 11%

Mainline Protestant: 6%

Orthodox: 1%

Catholic: 34%

Other: 3%

Unclaimed: 45%



 Now is the perfect time, and Albuquerque the perfect location, for those who have worked hard all their lives to finally sit back and enjoy the fruits of their labor. With the hospitable climate and wide assortment of activities for seniors to indulge in, it is no wonder why so many people are choosing this region to retire in.

For some people age is only a state of mind, and today’s generation of retired people certainly proves that. More and more elderly are enjoying longer life spans thanks to healthier living and modern medicine. This means that seniors can continue to live rich and fulfilling lives while enjoying their retirement more than any other generation before them.

Some residents might prefer to be a part of an assisted living or retirement community. These places further ease the minds of those living in them by taking care of a lot of routine and basic household chores which frees up more time for the tenant, allowing them to not be bothered with routine tasks so they can concentrate on having fun.

These facilities also provide a social atmosphere that encourages interaction, and most have an activity director that plans special events and coordinates tours and outings. Residents can participate as much, or as little, as they prefer.

Albuquerque can be as fast paced as you want it to be, or it can take a more relaxed and leisurely course. All of these possibilities are left up to the individual and the lifestyle they are most comfortable with.



 Utilities make our lives a little easier, and with modern conveniences like electricity indoor heating and cooling can be used to make even the most inhospitable terrain welcoming.

Communications technology such as phone lines, wireless devices and internet allow even those family members on the other side of the world to stay in touch any time, day or night. In-home entertainment has never been as diverse as today with all the channel options available on cable and satellite television.



 One of the most important duties we have as American citizens is the ability to vote. This is a privilege that was fought for and is the foundation on which many of our freedoms are based. However, you must be registered to exercise this privilege.

To be eligible to vote residents must fill out a New Mexico Certificate of Registration Form. This form can be picked up at any county clerk’s office, the Office of the Secretary of State, or at other state agencies like motor vehicle offices. You can also request this form be sent to you and it is also available online at www.fec.gov.

Once completed, your registration should be returned to either the Secretary of State or the office of the county clerk for the area you reside in. All registrations that are turned into the Secretary of State will be sent from that office to the appropriate county clerk.



 The Kirtland AFB Chapel, located at 1950 2nd Street SE, offers Catholic and Protestant worship along with other religious ceremonies such as baptism, first communion, confirmation, weddings, as well as memorial and funeral services. If unable to meet your specific religious needs, the chapel has information and will help you to find a local parish, synagogue, mosque or other religious services for you. For more information, call the chapel at (505) 846-5691.

The Air Force Aid Society, located in Building 20245, is a nonprofit organization whose mission is to help relieve financial distress of Air Force members and their families in emergency situations, providing assistance through interest-free loans or grants. The Air Force Aid Society officer is the liaison for Army and Navy Emergency Relief at Kirtland AFB. Education scholarship and grant information is also available upon request. For more information, call (505) 846-0741. If it is after duty hours, contact can be made through Base Command Post at (505) 846-3777.

The Family Advocacy Program promotes family readiness with classes and programs tailored to the needs of the military family. These services are free to active duty military and their family members, and also available to retirees and their family members on a space-available basis. For a full list of classes, locations and times, call (505) 846-0139.

 Kirtland AFB has two Child Development Center. These centers offer full-time care for children of military members from ages six weeks through kindergarten. The Gibson CDC is located near the corner of Gibson Avenue and Texas Street while the Maxwell CDC is located in the Maxwell housing area. Both centers are accredited by the National Association for the Education of Young Children and offer hands-on curriculum for children. Preschool classes and hourly care are also available. For more information, contact the Gibson CDC at (505) 846-1103 or the Maxwell CDC at (505) 853-5521.

 The Family Child Care office, located in Building 20415, provides licensed childcare in government quarters. These services include training in child development, guidance and discipline, CPR, first aid and small business operations. The FCC program conducts classes for those interested in becoming providers. For more information, call (505) 846-1802.

 The Airman and Family Readiness Center, located in Building 20245, offers programs and services to DOD personnel and their families. The programs offered by the center include information and referral, relocation assistance, career focus, family life education, family readiness, personal financial management and transition assistance. For more information about these programs, call (505) 846-0741.

Voter Registration Forms are available at the Motor Vehicle Division, located in Building 20245. A driver’s license is required to process these forms. For more information, call (505) 846-8390.

The Pass and Registration Office, located in Building 20245, is responsible for vehicle registration and the issuance of restricted area badges and Air Force civilian identification cards. Application for civilian and contractor identification cards must be obtained from the respective personnel office and restricted area badges, are requested through your unit security manager. For military identification cards, contact the Military Personnel Flight, Customer Service Section at (505) 846-5459.

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