Corporate & Long-Term-Stay Housing

Corporate & Long-Term Housing

If you find yourself without permanent lodging for a period of time, consider an extended stay facility, aside from hotels, there are other options as well. Unless you have family or friends already established in the area, you might consider checking into using temporary housing such as an extended stay facility.

Temporary housing can take the form of any type of residence, including houses and apartments. These facilities are perfect when you need all the conveniences of home while you are away and usually offer much better rates over a traditional hotel or motel. Finding one to meet your needs while you are in town should only take a little time and research.

In addition to temporary facilities, many companies keep corporate housing available for employees that are rotated into Albuquerque for specific job tasks or training. These accommodations are also for employees and their families to use while a more permanent residence is searched for in case they will be making Albuquerque their new home.

Extended Stay Hotels

Visitors to the area will find that Albuquerque hotels offer fabulous hospitality to guests, and many of the comforts of home are readily at their disposal. Travelers can expect clean rooms, good food, and quality service from the hotels that call the city home.

Many national and international hotel chains are located in the area. If you are partial to a particular chain, there is a very good chance that you will find it represented here in Albuquerque.

On top of the larger chains found here in the metro, there are some that are owned and operated locally., You can find the local culture very prominent in these hotels while the same quality service you would find at any major hotel.

Many hotels offer extended stay options for guests that are relocating to the area. Make sure you ask an establishment if they offer this service and get rates before you commit to your stay.

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