Company Values


“Helping your business get business!”


Business Resource Guide is a publication, with a hard copy print version as well as an online presence, that is quality designed and distributed with a high-end targeted distribution to help business professionals find all information they need to conduct daily business as well as help advertisers generate new business.

My ABQ Guide is a publication, with a hard copy print version as well as an online presence, that is designed to assist all newcomers to the Albuquerque Metro from setting up their move all the way through helping them acclimate to the area and the local businesses. This is a comprehensive guide that is a must-have for anyone new to the area.

Mission Statement:

To provide pertinent and needed information to all business professionals and consumers in free, high-quality print and online publications, as well as help all advertisers generate new business through our publications.

Company Philosophy:

We believe that our Advertiser deserves every effort we can give them to help drive new clients/customers to them. This should be a combination of through our publications, through our website, through our Events such as Release Parties, and through our personal referrals to them.

We will always provide the highest quality publications available. We always use quality paper, printing technology, and add requested information as much as possible. We will also provide all of the print content via our website so our advertisers get a strong online presence, and our readers are able to access our content & advertisers through both media.

Our publications are FREE to the user, we believe that because the publications are paid for through advertising revenue, that the reader and advertiser BOTH benefit from allowing the publications to be given to readers at no charge to them – allowing for more eyes on all advertisers.

We will strive to keep our overhead low so that we may keep our advertising rates as low as possible and allow more advertisers the ability to participate in our publications.

We will always support the community and donate and/or volunteer to ensure we are a true positive member of the local community.

In the event of an error, we will make every effort to correct the error immediately. If it is an error that has already been set in print, we will correct the online version of the error and we will do whatever is necessary to make sure things are handled to the client’s satisfaction – within our means.

Every member of our team will uphold these values and take responsibility for ensuring our culture is maintained, and everyone who knows us will be sure we are here to help them!


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