Los Lunas

Los Lunas is a close knit community that is proud of its heritage. Boasting friendly people and a strong work ethic, the town has managed to thrive in the face of economic hardship.

Los Lunas’ origins begin with a land grant in 1716 to Don Felix Candelaria, and the growth of the village started in earnest. The county seat moved to The Village of Los Lunas in 1876 and the town was officially incorporated in 1928.

There was much cause for celebration in the 1930s, as the early part of the decade saw electricity introduced to the town and the latter part had water and sewer facilities up and running.

In the mid-1990s, the village administration and police department moved into a new building which had enough room to accommodate those departments plus the Los Lunas Village Council Chambers.
Today Los Lunas serves as the county seat for Valencia County and has a population of more than 23,000 people.


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