The Village of Corrales is a community located just north of Albuquerque and enjoys its reputation as a small town with strong rural roots. Bordered on the east by the Rio Grande and across the river by the Sandia Indian Reservation, the location of the community attracts tourists from all over the country.

Prehistoric sites indicate the Corrales Valley has been occupied as early as 500 A.D. when the ancestors of the present-day Indian Pueblos derived their living from the fertile valley. The populations that followed the indigenous people, including Hispanic, European and American families, settled here to raise grapes, apples and livestock.

While the greater metropolitan area has a population that is steadily approaching nearly a million people, Corrales has managed to stay small with only roughly 7,300 citizens. The town aggressively strives to remain a rural setting to avoid the cramped conditions of larger communities, and also to avoid the problems they bring.

The Village was incorporated on Sept. 17, 1971; however, the southern portion of the incorporated area was still located in Bernalillo County. As of January 2005, all the incorporated area was declared to be located in Sandoval County. There is still a part of the adjoining areas that use Corrales as their address, but they are not part of the incorporated area, nor are they part of Albuquerque or Sandoval County.

Today, Corrales is distinguished by its broad green pastures and orchards, its rich historic and artistic character, and the sounds and scents of roosters, cows, horses and sheep. Corrales offers visitors a much needed doorway to relaxation where the stress of modern living just seems to melt away in the inviting atmosphere.

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