The town of Belen is a small community that has a laid back and relaxed atmosphere. Offering many services to the residents, the town also is in a good position for growth in the future.

The City of Belen is located in Valencia County and has earned the nickname of “Hub City” because of the Belen Cutoff of the Atchison, Topeka and Santa Fe Railway. Even today an average of more than 100 trains travel through Belen in a 24 hour period.

After New Mexico became a territory of the United States in 1846, immigrants began arriving and the Belen area developed rapidly as a mercantile center with a trade base extending west to the Arizona line and east to the Estancia Valley.  In 1940 Belen formally became a town and then a city in 1966.

The City of Belen has prepared for growth within its community. With nearly 100 employees, the City of Belen provides services such as water, waste water, streets, police, fire, and community services. Belen even maintains a municipal airport. Improvement projects have been made on all four entrances into the city and revitalization of the downtown area.

Today Belen has a population of more than 7,200 people and offers many amenities such as stores, restaurants, motels, and many interesting places to visit.



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