Banks & Credit Unions


Long time residents will agree that Albuquerque has a safe and stable economic environment in which to save and plan for your future in.

The city is home to numerous national bank and credit union branches, as well as having many smaller locally owned and operated financial institutions available for your needs. These establishments have long been seen as anchors of the business industry and also provide individuals with the means to realize their dreams.

Many people are looking forward to purchasing their first home and there is great news if you plan on living in the area. Albuquerque mortgage rates are lower than the national average and home buyers as well as lending agencies are reaping the benefits of this.


Albuquerque is fortunate in the fact that it is home to so many national and local bank chains. These institutions represent the thriving economy of the area and provide a solid financial backbone for the local communities.

For newcomers to the city, there is a good chance of having a local branch of their current bank represented. If not, finding a new home for their financial peace of mind will not be a challenge: Albuquerque is home to a multitude of traditional banks!


A credit union operates on the surface identically to a traditional bank. These institutions provide an environment for holding your money and offering the same basic services such as loans, but that is where the similarity ends.

Credit unions are a relatively recent arrival on the financial scene, the first one being created in the US in 1908, and it might seem confusing to some people as to how they are different from a traditional bank.

When you deposit money in a credit union, you are really buying shares in the company. So instead of just being a customer, you are actually part owner which is why your “account” is called a share.

Another important difference between a bank and credit union is that credit unions are not run for profit. Any such financial gain that would typically be considered profit is used to allow credit unions to offer better rates on loans and savings, usually taking the form of lower fees and other advantages. Since members are shareholders, they receive dividends at the end of the year.

Albuquerque has many credit unions to choose from and finding one to meet your needs should not take long after a little research.


Kirtland Federal Credit Union is one of two credit unions located on base. The credit union’s main branch is located at the intersection of Gibson and Louisiana Boulevards and there are many other branches located around the area. More information can be obtained by calling (505) 254-4369, visiting, or by stopping in at one of the branches.

Sandia Area Federal Credit Union is the other credit union on base. This credit union is located at 1850 Wyoming Boulevard on the east side of Kirtland. For more information, call (505) 292-6343 or visit


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