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   ABBEY was an adoption dog from Best Friends Animal Shelter in Kanab, UT. Her first adoption outing at 3 months old was when she found her new home. She adopted Bob, not the other way around. She is a Yellow Lab mix (not sure of the other part). At 9 years old, she has the heart & energy of a 2 year old puppy still. Her vet gave her the nickname of “Forever Puppy”. She is extremely friendly and always happy to show off her tricks: snatching a treat from her nose, high-five, rolling over, shaking, laying down, the easy-sit, and always ready to sing along with the piano. She has a beautiful voice!                                                                                                                                                                                                                              RIGBY is just one year younger than his sister. When she needed a companion, we reached out to Best Friends Animal Shelter once again and this time were introduced to Rigby. Unlike his sister, he is much more calm and easy-going. He was just 6 months old when adopted and loves hiking. Rigby is also a singer – with more of a baritone voice. He is also full of great tricks, but at 10 years old, he like to relax on the couch and talk about marketing strategies!


Bob Farrell, Publisher

Rigby & Abbey, Ad Dogs

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